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πŸ”— Lahaina Noon

πŸ”— Astronomy πŸ”— Hawaii

Lāhainā Noon is a semi-annual tropical solar phenomenon when the Sun culminates at the zenith at solar noon, passing directly overhead (above the subsolar point). The term "lāhainā noon" was coined by the Bishop Museum in Hawaiʻi.

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πŸ”— Polynesian Voyaging Society

πŸ”— Polynesia πŸ”— Organizations πŸ”— Hawaii

The Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) is a non-profit research and educational corporation based in Honolulu, HawaiΚ»i. PVS was established to research and perpetuate traditional Polynesian voyaging methods. Using replicas of traditional double-hulled canoes, PVS undertakes voyages throughout Polynesia navigating without modern instruments.

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πŸ”— 2018 Hawaii false missile alert

πŸ”— Disaster management πŸ”— Hawaii

On the morning of Saturday, January 13, 2018, a ballistic missile alert was accidentally issued via the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alert System over television, radio, and cellphones in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The alert stated that there was an incoming ballistic missile threat to Hawaii, advised residents to seek shelter, and concluded: "This is not a drill". The message was sent at 8:07Β a.m. local time. Civil defense outdoor warning sirens were not authorized by the state.

Thirty-eight minutes and 13 seconds later, state officials blamed a miscommunication during a drill at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency for the first message. Governor David Ige publicly apologized for the erroneous alert. The Federal Communications Commission and the Hawaii House of Representatives launched investigations into the incident, leading to the resignation of the state's emergency management administrator.

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