More about Most Discussed 📖

This website index and curates automatically "good" articles from Wikipedia.

It does so by fetching the Hacker News (HN) API and checking for a specific threshold. The idea is that an article is good, when it is posted to and discussed on HN. And it is even better when it is more often posted and/or sparked a great discussion. To get the best out of it this website links back to every worthy discussion, hence the name.

Furthermore, it structures the articles and categorizes them in topics. You can find the respective topics above the article, or click here to see all topics alphabetically listed and here to see them sorted by popularity. The topics above the article (those little blue pills) are clickable and link to other articles with the same topic. Those topics are not verbatim copied from the Wikipedia page, but created a custom way. And I may be biased, but I find them far more useful than the categories Wikipedia thinks those articles are in. "English poetry in 1751"? Yeah, sure, that's very specific.

For starters I recommend to start with the most popular articles and then go through the stack, or browse the most popular topics. If you are a seasoned reader consider the 'New' site for newly added articles or the 'Random' button above, which brings some real gems to light.

If you have feedback, want to report a bug or just say hello, hit me up by e-mail: hi @ thisdomain without the www .com

You can now also follow on Mastodon @MostDiscussed to stay up to date.

📈 Meanwhile: Stats!

Indexed articles: 3845
Discussions on HN: 4718
Sum of all comments: 137,457
Sum of all upvotes: 326,717 (...soo much internet juice 🤤)

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