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🔗 Sauropod Neck Posture

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Sauropod neck posture is a subject occasionally debated among scientists, with some favoring postures closer to horizontal whilst others a more upright posture. Research has looked at various avenues of evidence and analysis including: attempting to reconstruct the neutral posture of their necks and estimating range of motion by studying the bones; attempting to reconstruct sauropod metabolism and the energy requirements of sustaining incredibly long necks in various postures; and comparing sauropod neck anatomy to those of living animals.

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🔗 Wikipedia: Thagomizer

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A thagomizer () is the distinctive arrangement of four spikes on the tails of stegosaurine dinosaurs. These spikes are believed to have been a defensive measure against predators.

The arrangement of spikes originally had no distinct name; cartoonist Gary Larson invented the name "thagomizer" in 1982 as a joke in his comic strip The Far Side, and it was gradually adopted as an informal term used within scientific circles, research, and education.

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