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πŸ”— Cancer Alley

πŸ”— United States πŸ”— Environment πŸ”— Medicine πŸ”— United States/Louisiana

Cancer Alley (French: AllΓ©e du Cancer) is the regional nickname given to an 85-mile (137Β km) stretch of land along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, in the River Parishes of Louisiana, which contains over 200 petrochemical plants and refineries. This area accounts for 25% of the petrochemical production in the United States. Environmentalists consider the region a sacrifice zone where rates of cancer caused by air pollution exceed the federal government's own limits of acceptable risk. Others have referred to the same region as "Death Alley".

Community leaders such as Sharon Lavigne have led the charge in protesting the expansion of the petrochemical industry in Cancer Alley, as well as addressing the associated racial and economic disparities.

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πŸ”— Correction Girls

πŸ”— United States πŸ”— Women's History πŸ”— United States/Louisiana πŸ”— United States/Franco-Americans

Correction girls was a term describing women who were forcibly shipped from France to its colonies in America as brides for its colonists during the early 18th century.

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πŸ”— Hadacol

πŸ”— United States πŸ”— Skepticism πŸ”— Alternative medicine πŸ”— United States/Louisiana

Hadacol was a patent medicine marketed as a vitamin supplement. Its principal attraction, however, was that it contained 12 percent alcohol (listed on the tonic bottle's label as a "preservative"), which made it quite popular in the dry counties of the southern United States. It was the product of four-term Louisiana State Senator Dudley J. LeBlanc, a Democrat from Erath in Vermilion Parish in southwestern Louisiana. He was not a medical doctor, nor a registered pharmacist, but had a strong talent for self-promotion. Time magazine once described him as "a stem-winding salesman who knows every razzle-dazzle switch in the pitchman's trade".

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