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๐Ÿ”— TIL there are 82 named techniques (โ€œkimariteโ€) for winning a sumo match

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Kimarite (ๆฑบใพใ‚Šๆ‰‹, "Deciding technique") are winning techniques in a sumo bout. For each bout in a Grand Sumo tournament (or honbasho), a sumo referee, or gyลji, will decide and announce the type of kimarite used by the winner. It is possible (although rare) for the judges to modify this decision later. Records of the kimarite are kept and statistical information on the preferred techniques of different wrestlers can be deduced easily. For example, a pie chart of the kimarite used by each sekitori in the past year can be found on the Japan Sumo Association webpage.

Since 2001, the Japan Sumo Association recognizes 82 types of kimarite (and 5 winning non-techniques), but only about a dozen are used regularly. For example, yorikiri, oshidashi and hatakikomi are frequent methods used to win bouts. In addition to kimarite, a bout can end in a disqualification if either wrestler makes a foul (็ฆๆ‰‹, kinjite), such as striking with a closed fist.

The following is a full list of kimarite. Literal translations of the Japanese are also given.