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🔗 Tutankhamun's Meteoric Iron Dagger

🔗 Technology 🔗 Physics 🔗 Ancient Near East 🔗 Ancient Egypt 🔗 Archaeology 🔗 Spectroscopy 🔗 Blades

Tutankhamun's meteoric iron dagger, also known as Tutankhamun's iron dagger and King Tut's dagger, is an iron-bladed dagger from the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun (reigned c. 1334–1325 BC). As the blade composition and homogeneity closely correlate with meteorite composition and homogeneity, the material for the blade is determined to have originated by way of a meteoritic landing. The dagger is currently displayed at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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🔗 Silicon drift detector

🔗 Physics 🔗 Spectroscopy

Silicon drift detectors (SDDs) are X-ray radiation detectors used in x-ray spectrometry (XRF and EDS) and electron microscopy. Their chief characteristics compared with other X-ray detectors are:

  • high count rates
  • comparatively high energy resolution (e.g. 125 eV for Mn Kα wavelength)
  • Peltier cooling