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🔗 Geohash: text representation allows you to sort locations by proximity

🔗 Geographical coordinates 🔗 Microformats

Geohash is a public domain geocode system invented in 2008 by Gustavo Niemeyer and (similar work in 1966) G.M. Morton, which encodes a geographic location into a short string of letters and digits. It is a hierarchical spatial data structure which subdivides space into buckets of grid shape, which is one of the many applications of what is known as a Z-order curve, and generally space-filling curves.

Geohashes offer properties like arbitrary precision and the possibility of gradually removing characters from the end of the code to reduce its size (and gradually lose precision). As a consequence of the gradual precision degradation, nearby places will often (but not always) present similar prefixes. While in rare cases nearby places may have very short shared prefixes, the longer their shared prefix is, the closer two places are guaranteed to be.

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